Starbucks' Newest Instagrammable Drink is Here AND IT'S SO PRETTYđź’–

The newest Instagrammable drink for the summer has arrived at Starbucks today and IT'S EVEN PRETTIER THAN LAST YEAR'S PINK DRINK!

The "Dragon Drink" is here and it's filled with coconut milk and dragonfruit and is even brighter and pinker than the 'Pink Drink' - although it's basically the same thing, just with dragonfruit instead of strawberries!

In case you're wondering what the "mango dragonfruit refresher" is, it's the same as the "very berry hibiscus refresher": green coffee, mixed with a splash of lemonade, and the flavor of little dragonfruit or blackberry and raspberry pieces. It's my 2 favorite drinks at Starbucks so you can best BELIEVE I'm trying this today!



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