Jonas Brothers Tease #HappinessBegins Tomorrow, Internet Freaks Out

The Jonas Brothers have impacted my life, personally, through my grandfather, more than anyone could understand.

Unless their music has hit you the way it has me, you could never understand. Their music is more than just music. It always has been. So when they disbanded officially in 2013, it hit me harder than really, anything had at that point since my grandfather passed away. It felt like that was the last piece of him I had, left with me on this earth. Time went on, it got easier, but then rumors started flying of them reuniting and I can't even express what that brought back up in my brain.

They finally confirmed it, and now, they're back and better than ever.

They brought together some of their biggest fans for this and it's emotional to even watch.

Also, they tease at the end of the video, #HappinessBegins TOMORROW. What that means? WE'RE WAITING TO FIND OUT.

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