NFL Draft Ruining Bachelorette Parties in Nashville LOL

When you think 'bachelorette parties', especially for brides in their 20s slash early 30s, you think Nashville. I swear it's some time of basic woman's paradise to go with her best friends. Now, I'm not judging, because I'm SUPER basic, but there's more to Nashville than bachelorette parties - like you know, the NFL draft, which is *kind of* a big deal.

Well, the turnout for the draft was HUGE in Nashville. So much so that on twitter, one disgruntled bridesmaid wrote: “The @NFL caused all the bars to shut down in Nashville so all the plans that I made months ago for my best friends bachelorette party are now canceled due to the draft this weekend. Thank you @NFL for ruining the bachelorette party I've been planning for months.”

Last I checked, there's more things to do in Nashville except to go to bars. But.



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