Redskins' Chris Thompson calls out Twitter trolls

Tonight is the NFL Draft, and I'll be hosting the Redskins Draft Day party! To get ready for it, we had runningback Chris Thompson call in for a special episode of our Redskins podcast, Hail to the Siblings.

Chris is "just a guy who happens to play football," and tries to live in a way that fans have access to him. That means they also have access to trolling him and "trying to be a GM" of the Redskins. I asked him how he handles it and how his lady friend handles it.

We also talked about what it's like to be a player on Draft Day. He said his agent made it easier on him but saying he had slim chances of being picked up by anyone, but there was still a hopeful party planned and family and friends surrounding him.

Whether you're a big fan or not, I highly recommend listening to this conversation with Chris Thompson. It was entertaining and raw and real and I wish it could've gone on for at least an hour.

You'll get what we [my brother and I] call a "SparkNotes" version of a guide to the Draft before and after the convo.

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