Netflix Powerhouse "Nailed It!" Gets A Season 3 Premiere Date!

Nailed It! took over Netflix as soon as the show premiered, hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, it has fans wanting more and more.

If you know nothing about the show, it's where they take 3 people who CANNOT bake to save their lives, they put them through a series of baking competitions and gets judged based on taste and presentation, and at the end, one of the hopefuls wins $10,000. It's so much fun to watch.

According to Variety, on the upcoming six-episode season, viewers will be treated to challenges like the Marvel showdown, where bakers must make Marvel-themed cupcakes and a daunting “Black Panther” cake. Actress and gaming icon Felicia Day joins the judge’s panel. Other episodes include “Cake-O-Phobia,” featuring bug cookies and a clown cake; a cake replica of Michelangelo’s “David”; Neanderthal cupcakes and a T. rex cake featuring YouTube baker Rosanna Pansino; a layered bust of Napoleon Bonaparte; and an edible headdress judged by pastry chef and humorist Charles Phoenix on the episode “Ready to Wear, Ready to Eat.”



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