Pregnant School Teacher Guarded Unborn Child As She Got Carjacked & Stabbed

Tanya Nguyen is a victim, a survivor, and most importantly - a warrior.

She recalls the paramedics counting up to 11 and she didn't know what they were counting until they told her that she had 11 stab wounds.

She told Fox11, "I feel helpless."

She pulled up to her house in the broad daylight when three men came up to her and after asking for her cell phone, one began stabbing her while she sat in her car, helpless, her dominant hand covering her unborn child while she used the other to defend herself. After going in and out of consciousness in a pool of blood on the ground, they continued stabbing her. Once they finished, they stole her car and crashed it a half mile down the road where two women were waiting for the stabbers.

Rest assured, all 5 gang members have been arrested, but Tanya has no use of her left hand, her lungs have been punctured, but her baby is fine.

"I'm willing to put this behind me and just move on. All I ask for is peace in the future. I just want the reassurance that I have happy and peaceful days ahead," she said.

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