Dare I Say It: Chris Davis Hit A Home Run Today

Disclaimer: I'm a die-hard Yankees fan. (I know I know...you can @ me if you want).

But look. I spent all weekend at Camden Yards. I've grown up going there, because it was WAY closer than Yankee Stadium was. And to be honest, I love the field. I really do. It's one of my favorite fields in all of baseball. But sitting there, hearing the O's fans boo Chris Davis all last weekend was ROUGH. Mainly because my team was VISITING and wasn't getting that kind of treatment.

But after he had his first hit on Saturday, Chris came back today and HIT A HOME RUN.


Right over the right field fence.

Y'all have been WAITING and AGONIZING over this poor guy - but the nickname has come back, according to MLB's Facebook page.

Crush Davis is BACK!

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