Kim Kardashian Is Studying to Become A Lawyer. Seriously.

Kim Kardashian has been working in politics for a few years, but now she really wants to dive in. She first made headlines when she got 63-year-old grandmother, Alice Marie Johnson, out of prison.

Kim worked tirelessly because when she heard the story, it didn't make sense. So, she made a phone call to President Donald Trump and went to meetings.

According to ABC, Marie Johnson was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence plus 25 years after being convicted in a drug trafficking case -- her first offense. Johnson, who had been accused of participating in a drug trafficking and money-laundering operation that distributed cocaine in Memphis, was arrested in 1993 and has been imprisoned since October 1996. Johnson was not eligible for parole.

Johnson said that she never personally sold drugs or even made drug deals, but allowed other people involved in the trafficking ring to use her telephone.

Kim used her name and her research and help free Miss Johnson, so it makes sense that she wants to dive more into politics.

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