Woman Sues TGI Friday's for $5 Million for Potato Skin Chips

New York native, Solange Troncoso, is suing TGI Friday's for being misled into purchasing an "inferior product".

Troncoso, is looking to sue TGI Friday's for $5 MILLION - stating that the chips contain potato flakes and potato starch - but no potato skins.

Yes. Seriously.

The defendant cites the Idaho Potato Commission saying that the potato skins are associated with healthy eating and it was "a significant influencing factor" in purchasing the product.

I mean, look. Potato skins included in this product or not: they're basically loaded with all of these products to keep it 'fresh' and the taste is loaded with all of these harmful chemicals, so it's obviously not going to be THAT healthy...

I'm baffled.

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