"I Want It That Way" Released 20 Years Ago Today...TWENTY.


The number one selling boyband of ALL TIME (not an opinion...FACTS) released what is considered among the masses (also facts) the biggest boyband song of ALL TIME.

Twenty years ago, "I Want It That Way" was released and Pop music was forever changed.

The iconic song, along with the iconic airport music video and THE WHITE SUITS?! Come on.

I could literally continue on for HOURS about the impact that this boyband has had on music...but instead of boring y'all haters, I'll just throw out that the Backstreet Boys are gearing up for their biggest tour in almost 20 years (after a record-breaking Las Vegas Residency properly titled "Larger Than Life") right off the heels of their NUMBER ONE ALBUM, DNA.

Matter of fact, they're kicking off their US dates on July 12th RIGHT HERE in the nation's capital. Get your tickets for the DNA World Tour HERE while you enjoy this throwback video.

Happy anniversary, "I Want It That Way"!!

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