Someone Made A Twitter of the Jonas Brothers Dancing And It's Beautiful

The Jonas Brothers are living their best life, honestly.

I can say this because I've truly been a fan since 2006 and when they "took a break" from 2010 to 2013 and they came back, something was off. And then after one short summer tour in 2013, they announced their breakup, which broke our little Jonatic hearts. They went and did their own things and it just wasn't the same.

Then the light of heaven shown down in February of 2019 and this, the year of our Lord, the Jonas Brothers are back and clearly, better than ever.

Fresh off of their very first number one hit, "Sucker", the band went down to Miami to vacation while shooting a new music video and they're having the time of their lives. They even posted a video of them dancing to "Sucker" and the internet has decided to place more songs over top of it and everyone is LOVING it.

Live your best life, boys because I sure am.

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