"Blue's Clues" Is Getting A Reboot And THATS. NOT. STEVE.

TBH, "Blue's Clues" was a HUGE part of my childhood; Steve, Blue, Magenta, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, and don't forget mail timeeee, maaiiil tiiime, MAIIIIIL TIIIIIIIME!

Well, Steve left, and in came Joe, and it wasn't the same. At least IMO.

Well now, Nickelodeon has decided to not only reboot "Blue's Clues" but apparently also change the name of the show.

The new host is a Broadway actor who Steve Burns, the OG Steve HIMSELF(!) helped handpick - so even though Steve himself won't be a part of the reboot, he definitely has a hand in creating it.

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