Reese's is Adding More Peanut Butter Filling - AND A PEANUT BUTTER SHELL!

CALLING ALL REESE'S FANS - the best candy ever is getting even MORE peanut buttery!

The limited-time treats are here for both chocolate lovers and peanut butter lovers - each flavor focuses on one of the two particular aspects of the classic Reese's cup, according to Delish.

The "Peanut Butter Lovers" is filled with even MORE Reese's peanut butter than before - as well as replacing the top layer of chocolate coating with a peanut butter candy shell - the bottom is still chocolate so you don't lose the classic Reese's taste.

The "Chocolate Lovers" has a higher proportion of richer and darker and thicker milk chocolate than before.

Mid-April is looking REAL GOOD so far.

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