PHOTOS: EB's Trip to the Kitten Lounge

Have you heard of The Kitten Lounge?! It's a pop up in Georgetown where you can go play with kittens, drink some non-alcoholic beverages, and eat some edible cookie dough.... and, of course, take tons of Insta-content.

I got to go and honestly- it turned my entire week around. I had been having a really tough week stress and emotions-wise and it totally made me happy again. How can kittens not make you smile?! They constantly play, they're silly, a little bit clumsy, and just the cutest.

Here are some of the little nuggets that I played with:

"Kitten Season" ends around May, so that's when they will switch to their usual Crumbs and Whiskers, which has adult cats. Basically, there are a ton of kittens being born in the spring... I guess they do the same sort of "staying warm" that we do through the winter.

As for the adoptions- you're not going to walk out with a kitten. There's an adoption process... BUT they have adopted over 30 kittens in 20 days, which is really impressive. I LOVE SAVING ANIMALS.

You can pay for visits for different increments of time, and definitely try some cookie dough. I got the gluten free Monster cookie dough and it's delightful. Not too much peanut butter, but a hint of it.. with some chocolate and oats in there.


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