"Schitt's Creek" is Ending and People Are PISSED


Thanks to Netflix, "Schitt's Creek"'s fanbase has grown exponentially. The comedy is in the middle of it's fifth season and co-creator, Dan Levy, shared the devastating news on twitter this morning, signed by him and his real-life father, TV father, and co-creator, Eugene.

The series follows the Roses, a rich family who lost everything thanks to their business manager and has to move to "Schitt's Creek" - a small town that Johnny, the father, bought his son, David, as a joke: the family who once had everything has to move into a motel in a nowhere town and assimilate to small town culture.

The show has become a staple since Netflix picked it up - it has ZERO homophobia and bigotry, which sadly, doesn't necessarily transform to real life.

This show is loved by millions in the US and Canada - and the only thing we can hope for is that someone can save it.


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