Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean Releases Country Music and It's Getting Praise

AJ McLean has had the most success that a member of a boyband could have - not only are the Backstreet Boys the number one selling boyband of ALL TIME, but they've just hit a feat that's basically unheard of - their latest release "DNA" hit number one in January - and they're about to headline their biggest tour in nearly 18 years. It really brings a full circle meaning to "Backstreet's back," and we're loving every second of it.

All 5 members of the group have all released solo projects, so this doesn't come as a surprise, except for the fact that the bad boy of the group has decided to go country - but he's getting quite the praise for it.

His first single was "Back Porch Bottle Service" last year, followed up with "Night Visions" - but his new single, "Boy And A Man" is getting more recognition than the previous.

The video is meaningful, because not only does it show a lifetime of love - all the way up until old age, but AJ's real life wife, Rochelle, makes an appearance right in the middle, as well as family photos of them with their daughters, Ava and Lyric, which puts the perfect touch on the video.

He's come a LONG way from who he was back in the day, and we couldn't be prouder. He's hitting his stride with not only his solo music, but as well as the Backstreet Boys about to have one of the biggest years of their careers.

In case you wanted to hear AJ's first 2 country songs, watch below!

My favorite happens to be "Night Visions." :)

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