Lori Loughlin's Daughter DROPPED from Sephora

Lori Loughlin's bribery is leading to broken partnerships - as everyone is well aware, Loughlin and her husband, Target's 'Mossimo'...yes, THAT ONE, bribed USC to let both of her daughters in.

While her mom was busy in court yesterday, Olivia was on Rick Caruso's (the Chairman of USC's Board of Trustees) yacht in the Bahamas. As TMZ reported, when the indictment news broke, Olivia was no longer allowed on the yacht and went home.

Now, the make-up company, Sephora, has dropped Olivia, along with their partnership. She even had a palette named after her called 'Olivia Jade x Sephora'.

USC hasn't decided whether or not her and her sister will remain at the school.

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