Netflix's Hit 'A Christmas Prince' Has a Third Installment Coming!

What ended up being a Netflix version of a cheesy Hallmark movie has become a staple the last two Christmases to Christmas movie lovers with a Netflix subscription.

Two years ago, we were introduced to 'A Christmas Prince': your typical story of a girl who went to another country, ended up meeting the single prince's sister, lied her way in, and of COURSE the prince fell in love with her - which scared her back to New York City, and the prince follows her back to profess his love for her. SO typical of movie love stories.

Last year, we all got a sequel, "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding," which was obviously, Price Richard and Amber getting married, but not without Amber wanting to do things her way. In other words, FANTASTIC.

This year, Netflix just announced that we're getting 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.'

It's so cheesy and Christmas-y and now with a baby thrown into the mix, we're sure that even more drama is on the way.


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