Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Get Close at Oscars' After Party!

If you haven't seen the movie, 'A Star Is Born', you've basically been living under a rock. The chemistry between the two lead actors, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is undeniable on screen - and it's been building with every single award that they win for the movie.

While both Gaga and Cooper have made it a point to always keep each other first in any interviews/award-winning speech, the Oscars did NOT help the rumors at all.

They performed the hit song from the movie, "Shallow" live for the first time on broadcast TV, and Cooper's real-life girlfriend and baby mama was strategically placed in-between the two for seating.

Not only did their performance give them TWO standing ovations, one right after they performed, and the other as they returned to their seats during the commercial break, but the chemistry on stage while performing has everyone believing they're in love in real life.

While we continue to follow this undeniable chemistry, photos were leaked from the Oscars' after party and once again, they're inseparable.

What do you think?!

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