Elizabethany goes to the Holiday Pop Up Bar

Drink Company deciding to constantly turn around their bars into different themes is the best idea ever. 

The "Christmas bar" is officially open, and "Miracle on 7th Street" is all about "Santa BeiBei"... AKA the panda at the zoo, DUH!

I got to go in, taste most of the drinks [unless there was gin... I don't get along with gin], and check out some of the good Insta-spots. Check out the photos, then some tips/thoughts below!

Some tips/things to know: 

  • There will be lines. Especially on the weekends. I can't confirm the weekdays. Be patient, it'll still be beautiful when you get in there. 
  • Don't expect to have a ton of room to get the perfect insta pics, or great lighting. Get ready to use someone else's phone as a spotlight or just go into the fun photobooth
  • If you DO go on a day it's not packed, stock up on pics. You can post them as your own "12 days of  Christmas" series like I did last year.
  • Every drink that I tried was delicious, but I highly recommend the Snow Angels... and Festivus. [All of them have a high sugar taste... as they should for the holidays]
  • To be completely honest: I liked last year's setup a lot better. This is absolutely still a bar I think everyone should try out for at least a drink, but I just preferred last year. 
  • You can buy some of the glasses from them as a cute souvenir... don't be a klepto; they're not expensive.  

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