Clinton Portis talks to EB about #21 and more

If you're a Redskins fan, Clinton Portis needs no introduction. You remember him breaking through tackles and giving people in DC hope on certain plays. 

The fact that he called in to my podcast [Hail to the Siblings] is SILLY. I had his jersey and his poster. He was like a video game character to me- not real, but someone you felt attached to. 

Now Clinton is a staple in DC as a commentator on not only the Redskins, but all DC sports. We had to get him on to talk about a few very important things: 

  • The newest player for the 'Skins: HaHa Clinton Dix, who may be Sean Taylor's biggest fan outside of Portis. 
  • His thoughts on 21 being worn by the burgundy and gold ever again. ["Hell no," he very simply and quickly said.]
  • Why he feels like the team doesn't recognize everything he did for the organization
  • Why he stuck around in DC instead of going back to Florida
  • If DC fans really are different from other cities in the way we critique and give up on our team
  • What he misses most about the game/how his life will never be the same as it was then 
  • PLENTY more!

Check out the interview below at the 13 minute mark... or listen to the whole thing for a very real and honest update about my Dancing with the Stars, everything you need to know about the Redskins this week, and who my brother and I are picking to win big games this week. 

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