PODCAST: Inside an NFL Wife's Life

Elizabethany and her brother Mike host a weekly podcast centering around the Redskins; it's the important news of the week and the entertainment/gossip within the sports world, plus interviews with those involved with the team. Listen to Hail to the Siblings!


Ever wonder what it's REALLY like to be married to a pro athlete? Sure, you can watch as many WAGs shows as you want, but that doesn't show the reality of it. Those are big personalities who are edited down to show you the drama. 

I was lucky to meet Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg and his wife Flor a couple years ago and have kept in touch with them/tried to make plans to hang out ever since. I know I had to have Flor on the podcast from the day it launched because I wanted to pick her brain and hear her stories and her side of the whole world of NFL football. 

  • How stressful is his job on the relationship?
  • Did she always love football/the players? 
  • Does she have her own job/life?
  • How do they handle it when a player is suddenly cut from a team and forced to find something else?
  • What is home life like after a loss?
  • Does she like the other wives? Are they a lot like the stereotype we see on TV? Do they hang out regularly? 
  • What's the biggest complaint with FedEx Field for the players' families? 

These are just SOME of the things we talked about, with a lot of elaboration and a lot of moments of me being a little speechless, just trying to imagine what it would be like if I was in her situation. 

We also talked about the incredible thing they're doing to help kids get their laundry done in school- Loads of Love. Turns out, when you help kids do their laundry, attendance AND grades go up immensely, and they're helping bring washing machines to local schools. 

Flor joined Mike and I about 10 minutes in to this podcast, after we did the "Four Down Rundown," which gives you all of the quick things you need to know to hold a solid conversation with a Redskins fan this weekend. Listen in, and let me know if you have any further questions for her/us!

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