PODCAST: Hail to the Siblings

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ATTENTION REDSKINS FANS! I'm elizabethany, a lifelong fan of the Redskins. My brother Mike, who you've seen on the big screen at Nationals games, is also a lifelong fan and a sports broadcaster. Hopefully you already know that I love to talk about fun, scandalous, gossipy, etc stories, but what some people don't know is that not everything about football is stats and sports news. 

Together, we're bringing you a podcast that will be fun for any fan to listen to. The big fans and the fair-weather fans. The girls and the guys. The haters and the lovers. I wanted to create something that won't be all sports news or opinions.  I want the gossip. The random fun facts. The fantasy team or pick 'em help.  We'll cover it all, with a side of our sibling rivalry/teasing and opinions. 

I'm also excited to be able to interview people involved with our Washington Redskins that get overlooked. Cheerleaders, large tailgate hosts, players' wives, security personnel, "spirit team" members and whatever other ideas you or we may come up with!

BONUS CONTENT: "Drunkgate Reports" where we talk to drunk fans at the home games.

Here's a quick rundown of each episode so far: 

  • EPISODE 1: We talk about the new stadium changes
  • EPISODE 2: Fantasy football team names and players to look out for
  • EPISODE 3: Changes to RFK Stadium, football broadcasts, and the drama/gossip surrounding a book about Roger Goodell, the commissioner. 
  • EPISODE 4: How I feel about watching a bunch of "ex boyfriends" around the league and our predictions for this season
  • EPISODE 5: All about NFL cheerleaders. We talk to a current Redskins cheerleader about her life and the future of the team, as well as a male Ravens cheerleader about how HIS life is different. 
  • EPISODE 6: We talk to the new Chief of Marketing for the Redskins about how they plan on getting fans more interested in the team and home games
  • EPISODE 7: One of the Redskins' biggest tailgate hosts joins us to talk about how he feeds hundreds every week, at no charge! 
  • EPISODE 8: The cheerleading team is under scrutiny again and will be changing in several major ways. Plus- which teams' fans have the best sex stamina. 

Here we are looking awesome and being awesome. #httr #toodrunktobeclever

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