INTERVIEW: Janelle Monae Walks in her Truth

There are some artists that you want to have fun with and party with, and there are others that you want to learn from and see what it's like inside of their brain. 

Janelle Monae is one of those artists that can teach the world to open their eyes and hearts and respect others. 

I sat down with Janelle wanting to pick her brain and bring up every big issue that she's been a vocal leader about recently, and even with some boundaries, I was able to understand why she's created her latest album "Dirty Computer," and what her ultimate purpose is. 

"Dirty Computers are people who are marginalized... and told they are full of bugs and viruses and need to be cleansed.. but Dirty Computers see those bugs as attributes and features," she explained. "I wanted to be a part of telling these stories that are often erased. I want Dirty Computers to feel seen, heard, and celebrated."

Maybe the most fascinating part of the creation of this album is that she's known she was going to create it long before her first album, but had to wait until her soul told her it was the right timing. Janelle didn't know she'd be up against "the President we have now" and an assault on women's rights when it did come out, but it certainly seems like perfect timing. 

Now that she's "come out" as Pansexual, it's all anyone can talk about in regards to her, but she prefers to just label herself as a "free ass mother ******," which I can certainly get down with! One other label I did catch was "A Creator of a New Languange for Young Black Womanhood" alongside Beyonce. She hadn't seen this article yet

"Wow. It's an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as someone like Beyonce," Janelle reacted. "I'm thankful that people look at the work that I do and think it's worthy of writing something like that."

Janelle Monae kept such a cool, calm and collected aura throughout the entire conversation, one that I'm not used to having around me, but it was infectious. Her desire to "walk in her truth" was also inspiring, and this: 

"It's important to be in the present... not so far in the future that you miss the beauty around you."

Watch the whole interview below!: 

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