An Exclusive look into the Cherry Blossom Pop Up bar

The three bars that are constantly changing themes in Shaw has quickly become one of the best things about DC. 

Since they shut down after the holiday season, they've been preparing for Cherry Blossom season, and they're finally ready to open! 

Drink Company did another beautiful job with the place. There's a room full of blossoms, a Godzilla room, origami room, straight up Asian-infused room, and a lovely garden room. Each bar/room is full of places to get some very insta-worthy pics, and the drinks are just as wonderful. Also worth the trip to see: 10 foot Godzilla that will startle you when it starts moving and breathing smoke.

I'm not sure how the lines are for this theme, but I always think it's worth it. 

Check out my gallery below and THEIR WEBSITE HERE.

[BYT has some really lovely pics as well] 

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