Man Sues Washington, DC Dating Service After Spending $71K Per Date

A New York man is suing a 'luxury' dating service he says couldn't help find him love even after he poured thousands of dollars into it.

The Washington D.C.-based company run by one Taylor Francois-Bodine says it helps wealthy people "accelerate" their love lives with a "luxury experience."

Francois-Bodine claims her clientele includes politicians, athletes and high-ranking corporate executives.

Businessman Paul Gleit found the pitch legit when he agreed to pay $35,000 in installments for two years of introductions. 

But when the two years was through, Gleit says he had paid $426,000—about $71,000 per date—according to a filing in Manhattan federal court. He's looking for a full refund. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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