New Photos of Beyoncé's Twins Leaked & They're So Cute

Ever since Beyoncé gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi Carter in July - and posted their debut on Instagram in a now iconic image - the 36-year-old singer has kept a low profile. Beyoncé, along with her husband Jay Z, is notoriously private and is rarely spotted out and about. Over the weekend, however, photos of Bey, her mother, Jay Z, and 4-month-old babies were leaked online. The family was photographed while on vacation in Miami. 

Beyoncé can be seen cuddling with her only son, Sir, while her mother was spotted holding Rumi. Both babies are, unsurprisingly, extremely adorable. With Beyoncé and Jay Z for parents, though, who could have expected anything less from the twins? In some of the photos Rumi and Sir are even wearing matching outfits and honestly the cuteness is just too much to handle. 

While most members of the BeyHive were beyond excited to get a glimpse of the Knowles-Carter twins, there were others who felt like the paparazzi photos were an invasion of privacy. These fans took to Twitter to call out the paparazzo who grabbed the photos of the family while they were just trying to enjoy their vacation. 

Either way, though, it's impossible to deny that Bey and Jay brought two of the cutest babies into the world. We can't wait until Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir become superstars in their own right. They have the best role models to look up to, after all! 

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