3 Temporary Fixes To The Apple 'I' Bug

The new iOS update that was released on Halloween brought 'bug fixes and improvements' for Apple users, but let's be real, the real update was getting the mermaid and cursing angry face emojis. 

However, some users are experiencing a weird bug where predictive text is replacing the letter 'I' with a letter-symbol combination. "I wanna listen to iHeartRadio" becomes "A[?] wanna listen to iHeartRadio."

While Apple hasn't released any permanent solutions to the problem yet, here are 3 temporary fixes you can do:

1. Turn off Auto-Correct

To turn autocorrect off, open Settings. From there, go to General > Keyboard > Auto-Correction. Toggle the button to the off position, and you have a temporary fix to your problem.

2. Turn off Predictive Text

To turn off predictive text, open Settings, then go to General > Keyboard > Predictive and toggle it off.

3. Create a keyboard shortcut

To try it, go to Settings, then General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Click the plus sign in the top-right corner, and make 'I' both the phrase and the shortcut.

Here's to hoping we get a permanent fix soon so we don't all go crazy. 

Photo credit: Getty Images

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