Mom Claims This Sunscreen Severely Burned Her Toddler

Rebecca Cannon of Botwood, Newfoundland, explains that she used Banana Boat's SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Kids Sunscreen prior to taking her 14-month-old daughter Kyla outside. She knew that Kyla should be using baby sunscreen, but Cannon didn't have any with her and figured that some form of sun protection would be better than nothing.

"As the day went on, she got a little redder and redder and the next morning she woke up and was swollen, she was bright red, there were blisters starting to pop up," Cannon told CBC News in Canada. She added that Kyla's 3-year-old nephew used the adult sunscreen as well, among other children with them that day, but Kyla was the only one who experienced a reaction. Cannon said she immediately took her daughter to a doctor, who told her that Kyla had second-degree burns.

"He said in some babies, there has been other cases of burns caused by [sunscreen]," she told CBC News. Cannon added that her doctor explained it was possible that the redness, blistering and swelling were a result of a severe allergic reaction to the sunscreen.

Cannon has since shared her story and new coverage of other incidents to Facebook to serve as a warning for other moms about using aerosol sunscreen.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Cannon Facebook Page

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