YouTube Kids Filled w/ Disturbing Renditions

Does your child use this app? If so, do so with discretion.

YouTube Kids, a free app produced by Google Inc, has been flagged with inappropriate content. Some of the videos show children's favorites in wrongful situations, like Peppa Pig in pain at the dentist office or being swallowed by a crocodile. 

The app was designed to be a safe portal for children to watch their favorite shows but explicit material has been filtered into the app which has been displeasing parents.

One of the animators behind the disturbing versions of the cartoons opened up to The Sun Online saying that it is not his fault for the content being dispersed, but instead is the parents' fault. 

He designed the clips as "Peppa Pig for Adults" and due YouTube Kids' algorithm, he video was brought from YouTube into the children's version. He says that parents should be more strictly monitoring what their kids view on social platforms, regardless of whether it is branded strictly for the age range or not.

In the parental guide provided by YouTube it is said that "YouTube Kids uses filters powered by algorithms to select videos from YouTube. We continually work hard to make our algorithms as accurate as possible in order to provide you with a safer version of YouTube. However, no algorithm is perfect. This means your child might find content you don’t want him or her to watch. If this happens, please flag the video -- we use these flags to improve the app for everyone."

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