DCMJ Has the Chillest Protest Ever, Handing Out Over 6,000 Marijuana Joints

DCMJ.org is having perhaps the most chill of all of the protests at Donald Trump's inauguration. The group, advocating for the legalization of marijuana across the country, had planned to hand out 4,000 free marijuana joints. As of 10:00 AM, more than 6,000 had been given out, with lines for free weed extending for blocks.


Marijuana has been legal in Washington, DC for nearly 20 years, and in November 2014, Initiative 71 legalized recreational marijuana for people 21 and older, allowing 2 ounces for personal use.

The protesters involved with the DCMJ are calling for Donald Trump to keep marijuana legal. Trump had had conflicting views on marijuana, supporting medical usage and calling for each state to determine recreational status.


Other protesters are calling out Trump's pick for US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions in the past has opposed the legalization of marijuana, saying "good people don't smoke marijuana" and "we need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized... that it is, in fact, a very real danger."



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