Scientists Are Creating Smart OLED Tattoos That Glow

Getting a tattoo just got even cooler because scientists are actually working on "smart tattoos" that use TVs and phone screens to make your tattoo glow like the Wakandan lip tattoos in Black Panther!

As of right now, the tattoos are temporary and are placed on your body with OLED tattoo paper so it's kind of just a temporary tattoo, but there's other uses for them besides just a cool Halloween costume.

Apparently the tattoos can be used to help identify if a user is dehydrated or sunburnt and could potentially be used in hospital settings to determine if a patient's condition has changed.

To learn more about the OLED tattoos you can go HERE and I'm just hoping that I can look as cool as Killmonger in Black Panther if these are sold to the public.


Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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