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The Biggest "Icks" On A Dinner Date

Bad date. Young woman feeling bored during dinner at cafe, unhappy with her boyfriend, disinterested in conversation

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As we always say on the show dating in 2023 is wild and if you're trying to impress that first date then you might want to avoid doing some of these things according to a new study from OpenTable!

The restaurant reservation website asked 1000 singles what the weirdest things they've seen on a date AND the things that caused them to walk out on a date and you might want to make sure you chew with your mouth closed.

Here are five of the top "icks" people have stopped dating someone over:

  1. Disrespectful Diva: someone who is rude or pushy to the waitstaff
  2. Chewing Chatterbox: has poor table manners, such as chewing loudly or with their mouth open
  3. Digital Distractor: spends too much time on their phone
  4. Ex-plainer: talks too much about an ex
  5. Menu Tyrant: orders for the other without consulting

Here were some of the other big "icks" that made the list, but didn't crack the top five as well:

  • Pining over an ex
  • Bragging about how much money they have
  • Badmouthing their family
  • Badmouthing an ex
  • Asking about your ex

Maybe just avoid doing any of the above things during your next date??

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