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Gifts For Each Love Language

We've all heard about the 5 love languages, but do you know what to get someone who may have a different love language than you? YourTango put together a list of ideas, with the help of an expert, of things you can do to fulfill their love language.

Words of Affirmation - a calendar filled with love notes for each month.

side note: As a person whose love language is words of affirmation, i can attest this would be an incredible gift. ~Rose

Quality Time - This is all about spending time together. Doing anything together, especially things that they show an interest in is a great idea.

Receiving Gifts - It could be something as an actual wrapped present or an experience gift!

Acts of Service - bringing them coffee, getting their car washed, filling up their car with gas.

Physical Touch - hold their hand when you normally wouldn't, snuggle for longer periods of time

Source: YourTango

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