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The Emojis that Make You More Likable

Ok so we know the thumbs up emoji is OUT. It's considered "rude" and "hostile" according to Gen Zers. But there are some emojis that can make you more likable!

The top 3 emojis that "make you more likable" include:

  • The emoji blowing a heart kiss
  • The blushing smiley circled by hearts
  • The heart-eyed emoji

**It should be noted that those emojis make you more likable when flirting**

Other finding include:

The most misunderstood emoji at the moment is the smiley wearing a cowboy hat.

The upside-down smiley face is also often misunderstood.

People also often confuse the cherries emoji.

The top emoji that "make you less likable" is the pile of poop.

The yellow angry face with the furrowed eyebrows is also disliked.

The eggplant does not mean the vegetable.... obviously.

Source: NY Post

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