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Couples Who Do These 7 Things Have The Healthiest Relationships

Mary Kay Cocharo, a therapist , wrote an article for YourTango listing out the 7 things you can do to have a healthy mindset and a healthier and stronger relationship.

The 7 things include:

1. Focus time - This means no distractions. Focus on your partner, look into their eyes when they are talking.

2. Playtime - This can create a healthy balance in life. Playing together can create new connections in the brain and build stronger connections to your partner. Mary wrote, quote, "Research has shown that playfully enjoying novel experiences even keeps our sexual attraction alive."

3. Connecting time - truly connecting with each other, being physically present. Mary wrote, quote, "When we connect, truly connect, with each other, we reinforce our enjoyment in the relationship. Being physically present — whether you're talking, cooking, or folding laundry — activates and reinforces the brain’s relational circuitry."

4. Physical time - this includes going for a walk together. Moving your body.

5. Time in - reflecting internally, meditating. You can do it solo, or with your partner.

6. Downtime - relax together. Binge watch a show together.

7. Sleep time - make sure you're getting enough sleep.

Source: YourTango

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