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Why You Should Stop Charging Your Phone At Night

Did you know that charging your iPhone overnight is BAD for the battery?? We are so guilty of this!!

Tech expert Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, wrote about why you shouldn't do this HERE.

Basically, your phone doesn't need to be on a charger for 8(ish) hours. It's charging at a much slower rate which isn't efficient and the HEAT from keeping it on the charger all night is essentially KILLING your battery.

Adrian writes:

"Heat is a killer of batteries. While there's nothing you can do about the normal wear and tear that a battery experiences from being charged and discharged, heat is something you can do something about.
"When you iPhone is connected to a charger, it gets warm - warmer than if it isn't connected, and even though that increase might only be a few degrees above room temperature, doing this overnight, every night, doesn't seem smart to me."

So, what’s the best way to charge your iPhone?

Charge twice a day for shorter periods of time.

Adrian's own practice is:

"I put [the iPhone] on for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning after I get up (I also charge up my Apple Watch at the same time).
"Then I charge it around mid-afternoon for another 30 minutes or so to bring it to that 80% mark, which usually will be enough to see me through to the next morning.This is also why Apple has introduced the charging update to iOS."

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