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The Wedding Trends Most People Think Are Out Of Style

Happy wedding photography of bride and groom at wedding ceremony. Wedding tradition sprinkled with rice and grain

Photo: Getty Images

It feels like everybody in 2022 is either getting married or engaged just because of all the delays we had with the pandemic, but it seems like 2022 might be the year we might get rid of some old wedding traditions that don't fit in a modern wedding anymore. 

A new survey from Minted found while 42% of people say you need between six months to a year to plan a wedding that you don't necessarily need to include the following traditions anymore in your planning. Here are some of the trends most engaged couples and newlyweds are out: 

  • Bride Can’t Be Seen Before the Wedding 
  • Bride’s Parents Paying for the Wedding 
  • Bride and Groom’s Guests Sit Separately 
  • Walking down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” 
  • Bride and Groom’s Guests Sit Separately 
  • Something old, new, borrowed, and blue 
  • Bible or Religious readings during the ceremony 
  • White Wedding Dress 

As for new wedding traditions that are “In,” they include: 

  • Small weddings/elopement 
  • Wedding Websites 
  • Bright, vibrant colors 
  • Proposal videos 
  • Alternative rings 
  • Non-white Wedding Gown 
  • More than One Maid of Honor/Best Man  
  • Non-Gendered Wedding Parties 

You can read more HERE, but what do you think? What wedding tradition needs to stay and what needs to go? 

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