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Five Ways To Tell When Someone Is Lying To You

Businessman or politician cross finger, hiding behind his back during he get handshake to another person, businessman. Businessman pretend to be good person, he is liar. White collar worker is fraud

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Have you always had a hard time trying to decide if someone was lying to you or not? You might want to start incorporating these five things!/-

According to a new report, there are five common ways you can tell someone is lying to you and if they fail you don't look like you were trying to catch them in the fact.

Here's what the experts say you should do to catch a liar:

  • They are nice - Someone who thinks you're a nice person will open up to you more and reveal more than they intended.
  • They don’t rely on body language too much - If you see someone is trying to reduce their amount of normal language then they're most likely lying.
  • They ask unanticipated questions - Ask exceedingly easy questions that the person you think is lying should easily answer. If they have a hard time/stutter then you caught them.
  • They use strategic evidence - Get your person talking and lead them to agree with something that would contradict their lie.
  • They don’t challenge them too early - Wait to catch your cheater and know that good plans take time before they come to fruition!

You can read more about each way to catch a liar HERE, but we're definitely using these for cheaters on War of the Roses!


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