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OnlyYMS: The Show At Capital Pride Weekend

Over the weekend we all have a TON of photos we take of our lives that we want to share on social media, but we don't want to over-post!

That's why we created our "OnlyYMS" page where you can see some of our photos from over the weekend that don't make it to social media and we saved just for you! Plus it's ALL FREE so how could you not love that?

This week check out the exclusive photos of Erick, John, Hoody, and Riley at Capital Pride Weekend on our float with Market Street Diamonds and more that weren't already posted on social media!

The shorts we've all been waiting for - Erick's Hoochie Daddy shorts!

Some of the floats we got to see early before the parade started!

Hoody and Moira with a small cameo by Dee Ahmed in the background!

Couple pose!!!

Erick and Elbows!!

Elbows made a special Pride playlist for our float during the parade!

The crowd was lit during the entire parade!

We loved people who lived near the parade opened their windows to see everything go down!

The first turn of the parade and we had no idea the crowd would be even bigger around the corner!

Riley waving to the crowd!

We had perfect weather for the parade this year!

We even saw a few My Man signs out in the crowd!

Even the end of the parade was still wild!

The fam-bam!

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