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Annoying Phrases You Might Want To Get Rid Of On Your Dating Profile

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How many times do you come across the phrases “Quotes way too much from ‘The Office’” or “Fluent in sarcasm” when scrolling through dating apps?

Turns out a TON of people have seen those and similar phrases while looking for love/hookups, which is why our friends at CNET listed some of the most commonly-used phrases on dating profiles.

Now these don't mean you won't get any matches if these are on your dating profile, but just know that people have seen the following used elsewhere:

  • “Fluent in sarcasm”
  • “I’m an open book, just ask”
  • “Height xxx because apparently that matters”
  • “I’m bad at replying”
  • “Looking for a partner in crime”
  • “Not looking for a pen pal”
  • “Here for a good time not a long time”
  • “Quotes way too much from ‘The Office’”

You can read more HERE, but always remember to be yourself when dating!


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