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The Key To Feeling Happier At Work

Fridays are the key to employee happiness. 

A survey conducted by OnePoll discovered that over half of the the 2,000 participants enjoy when their companies allow a short day on Friday — or the full day off — to jumpstart their weekends. 

8 out of 10 said knowing they have this perk helps them feel happier while on the clock. 

This study also found that 73% of participants said their work productivity depends on the weather outside and that bad weather can lead to poor productivity. (see below)

Where do people want to work? The study found that most people prefer to work outdoors (65%), cafés (53%), rooftops (48%) and patios (48%).

Five weather conditions to boost productivity: 

  • Cool temperatures: 28%
  • Clear blue skies: 27%
  • Warm temperatures: 25%
  • Partly cloudy, blue skies: 24%
  • Light rain: 22%

Five weather conditions to drop productivity:

  • Heavy rain: 25%
  • Thunder: 25%
  • Freezing temperatures: 25%
  • Snow: 23%
  • Hot temperatures: 23%

Source: NYPost

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