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3 Biggest Sunscreen Mistakes You Might Be Making

It's (unofficially) Summer time! (The official first day of summer is June 21st.)

Time to pull out the sunblock, but make sure you're using it properly! A dermatologist revealed the 3 biggest mistakes people make when it comes to sunscreen.

Mistake #1: Not applying or reapplying enough sunscreen

How much is enough sunscreen? A golf ball-sized amount of product to thoroughly cover your face and body, even on overcast days. How often should you reapply? About every 2 hours.

 Dr. Julia Carroll, a dermatologist, says:

“Sunscreen acts a bit like a sponge, so it absorbs. If there’s more [sun] for it to absorb, you’ll wear through it faster. If there’s less for it to absorb, you won’t wear through it quite as quickly.”

Mistake #2: Thinking you’re allergic to sunscreen

According to Dr. Carroll, that rash you think is caused by wearing sunscreen may actually be due from something else and NOT an allergic reaction.

“Sometimes you’ll be out in the sun, you’ll put the product on, and you’ll get some redness. Often [that’s] probably poor application or expired sunscreens, or people that don’t reapply so they’re interpreting a sunburn as an allergic reaction.”

If you do have sensitive skin, Dr. Carroll recommends a mineral-based, or physical sunscreen.

Mistake #3: Focusing only on the face

Make sure you are protecting your WHOLE body from the sun's rays, not just your face. Areas that often get missed are & get sunburnt are:

  • top of the scalp
  • ears
  • back of the neck
  • feet

Source: Yahoo!

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