Couple Divorce After Having An Affair With Each Other Online.

This sounds like a movie, but not with the happy ending you'd expect.

A couple in Bosnia is filing for divorce after they found out they were each having an online affair... but they were having an online affair with each other. *cue The Pina Colada song*

The pair "met" in an online chat forum under fake names and both poured their hearts to each other about their marital problems. They realized they married the wrong person & their true soulmate was the person they were chatting with online.

After months of secretly chatting, they decided to meet in person. They set a time and place and agreed to each carry a rose to identify themselves. When the husband arrived holding a rose, the wife felt betrayed and angry!

They each accused the other of being unfaithful, ending in a divorce filing. 

Source: Unusually Interesting

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