Bride Stops Wedding After Realizing Half of Her Dress is Missing

Becky Jefferies, is going viral because she stopped her just before the couple said their vows because she realized she was missing half of her wedding dress.

She said, “Um, pause for a moment. I just realized when I got up to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress. Maybe I could put it on now?”

As the wedding guests laugh and clap. She reveals that a few nights before she had a dream where she did this exact thing. It didn't take long for her skirt to be attached and for the ceremony to get back on track!

TikTok viewers took to the comments section to praise the way Becky handled the fashion faux pas:

  • “I LOVE that she didn’t apologize,” writes one. “It’s her day and she confidently took control of the moment.”
  • “You can see the groom visibly sighing with relief,” teases another.
  • “She is so sweet and not a drama queen at all,” comments a third.

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