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OnlyYMS: John's Berkeley Springs Weekend

Over the weekend we all have a TON of photos we take of our lives that we want to share on social media, but we don't want to over-post!

That's why we created our "OnlyYMS" page where you can see some of our photos from over the weekend that don't make it to social media and we saved just for you! Plus it's ALL FREE so how could you not love that?

This week check out exclusive photos of Intern John going to Berkeley Springs with his girlfriend and Andrew O'Day, the "Poo-saster" of 2021, and so much more in this week's OnlyYMS!

Mollie and I found an abandoned old radio station. It was maybe big enough for two studios and some desks!

Andrew O'Day and I playing the guitar!

The power went out so the fire was our main light this weekend!

Might be the greatest bar name!

Who caused the great "poo-saster" of 2021?

Definitely not getting a cat...

This doesn't look sketchy at all...

Rocket Raccoon might be hitting the Jim Bean a little too hard...

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