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The Most Searched Pet Question.

It's normal to take to google when you don't know something, especially regarding your pet. The digital magazine and newspaper app, Readly found the most popular subject to search for or read about is their pet’s general health.

Here are the top 30 questions people have searched about their pets:

1.      Why is my pet being sick?

2.      What should I feed my pet?

3.      Is my pet overweight?

4.      Is my pet happy?

5.      How many treats should I give my pet a day?

6.      Is my pet bored?

7.      Is my pet getting enough exercise?

8.      How often should I feed my pet?

9.      How do I know if my pet is in pain?

10.  Why does my pet have diarrhoea?

11.  How long can I leave my pet home alone for?

12.  Is my pet happy having the same food every day?

13.  What does my pet do when I’m not around?

14.  Do I need to brush my pet’s teeth?

15.  Can my pet get COVID?

16.  Can my pet eat cheese?

17.  Is my pet depressed?

18.  Should I leave the radio on for my pet when I’m out?

19.  Does my pet like me?

20.  Why is my pet always hungry?

21.  Why is my pet shaking?

22.  Why is my pet biting me?

23.  Can I get COVID from my pet?

24.  Is it normal for my pet to poo a lot?

25.  Is my pet dying?

26.  What happens if I give my pet chocolate?

27.  How do I know if my pet has COVID?

28.  Why does my pet break wind so much?

29.  Does my pet think I am its mother or father?

30.  Is my pet jealous of my relationship with my partner?

What question do you google the most about your pet?

Rose says, "I search 'can my dog eat______' the most."

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