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Facebook Stalking Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health

Raise your hand if you're guilty of Facebook stalking an ex.

According to a study, 1/3 of people admitted they facebook-stalked an ex at least once a week.

Tara Marshall, the researcher, said that while social media stalking is usually seen as a harmless response to a breakup, it can actually disrupt the natural process of moving on. Tara wrote in her post:

"I found that this sort of surveillance was associated with greater distress over the breakup, protracted longing for an ex-partner, more negative feelings towards and sexual desire for the ex, and lower personal growth."

She continued:

"This has been supported by other studies, which found that those who Facebook stalk their exes are six times more likely to pursue unwanted intimacy with the ex-partner, such as by following or approaching them, sending letters or leaving gifts."

Tara says people with anxious attachment styles are more likely to facebook stalk current and ex-partners.

Source: Tara Marshall

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