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The Best and Worst Times To Propose Throughout The Year

The best surprise ever

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Friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and as expected a TON of people are most likely going to propose later this week or sometime this month! That's why we wanted to share a survey on what people thought were the best AND worst times to propose!

If you’re going to pop the question, you might want to do it in the best way possible, and a new poll reveals that the best time to propose is during a romantic dinner and the worst time to propose is via text.

We don't know how anyone would accept a proposal through text, but we're just here to share the facts! Here are some of the other best times to propose:

  • During a holiday
  • On vacation
  • During a concert
  • At a wedding

Also here are some of the other WORST times to propose so try to avoid doing it around these events:

  • During a phone call
  • At a fast food restaurant
  • At their parents’ house
  • During a sporting event

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