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These Two Siblings Met For The First Time In Their 30s Thank To eBay

Browsing the ebay webpage on an ipad

Photo: Getty Images

Who would have thought that eBay would lead to two siblings meeting for the first time?

That's what happened to two siblings in Scotland who actually grew up in the same city and just met for the first time in their 30s because of an eBay purchase!

Apparently the older brother was looking for a game program for a Hearts vs. Liverpool game on eBay and when he found what he was looking for the seller messaged him saying the refunded the item.

Turns out that the older brother was actually buying the program from his dad that he had never met and eventually led to him meeting his sister who was six years younger than him.

You can read his perspective of the story below, but just goes to show that you never know who you're buying from online and sometimes it can be a good thing!


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